3D Art & Animation.

I started my career as animator, though not a one am now. I luv doing small bits. My skills in animation over here..  In addition to it small practices of making 3D renders i wish to put over 
Nov 26
Function editor of procedural terrain is a deep world to explore. The various mapps gives you ultimate terrain you need. Started exploring the different filters,noise, and other functions is real fun to experiment on these. And results make you as excited. Here is a strata canyon kind of scene.

Nov 24
Cliff hangers
Really got excited to work with much enhanced procedural terrain. Got marvelous tools inside it. Played a little on it along with some materials. Here are the renders.


Nov 21
Flying with Clouds on Vue-2014.


Nov 17-2014
Vue 2014 PLE : Started crazy experiments on Atmosphere Editor. Tired to achieve different time & season moods using combination of values in Lights and Fog and Haze. Here are the renders


Vue 2014 PLE : Practising on Material Eco system.
Summer Hill

Below are the snapshots from the progression towards the above final render.


VUE 2004 - First renders. Tired Different compositions and render settings

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